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Reading one of my women's fiction books or mysteries for your book club? Would you like me to SKYPE or ZOOM in on the day your group meets to discuss my book or series? Send me an email and let's see if we can make it happen!


From the time I was a little girl, reading has always been my go-to place to learn, to explore, and to escape into another time or place if only for a little while. It is my hope that my stories will do the same for you.

Whether you like fun whodunit-style mysteries, or more touching women’s fiction novels, my books all have one constant ingredient: friendship. Because, at the end of the day, it’s those connections we have with other people that keep us grounded when we need to be grounded, and help us soar when we need to soar. 

I hope you’ll take a little time, while you’re here, to check out my books, learn some interesting things about yours truly, see what’s on the horizon as of this moment, and sign up for my monthly newsletter filled with all sorts of fun stuff.

Before you head off to explore though, I’ve got some news. I've been doing some fun two-author books with Guidepost publishing for their Love's a Mystery series. In these standalone stories that take place in various odd-named towns around the country, there are two stories--one "historical" and one contemporary that share a common object. In the ones I've done with Emily Quinn, she's done the historical and I've done the contemporary.  So far, we've done Love's a Mystery in Deadwood, OR and Love's a Mystery in Peculiar, MO and both are currently available through the Guidepost shop. Our third together, Love's a Mystery in WhyNot, NC will be out this summer. They've been super fun to write and I think you'll enjoy reading them very much!

I'll also have a full-length novel coming out with them next February, so more details to come on that in the future!

Thanks for being here.  

- Laura 

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