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Deadly Expressions

Jenkins and Burns Mysteries, Book 3

Previously titled "Marked by Fate"


Newspaper reporter Elise Jenkins enrolls in a journalism class and finds herself interpreting a strange story of murder when her teacher, Hannah Daltry, is found strangled. What makes the case unusual is that more than three decades ago, when Hannah was just seven, she witnessed a bank robbery by hiding under a desk. Two of the robbers were killed, and one escaped. Is Hannah's murder related to this thirty-five-year-old crime? Or to something else entirely?

Elise's fiance, detective Mitch Burns, is working all the angles, but it's Elise's nose for a story that leads her through the twists and turns of the mystery--and the secrets that surround Hannah's life...and death. Convinced the killer is someone in the writing class, Elise follows her instincts, connecting the dots of yesterday's crime to the modern face of a killer.

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