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A Perilous Pal

A Friend For Hire, Book 2

Entrepreneur Emma Westlake has found that starting a business can be murder in this new Friend for Hire Mystery by  USA Today bestselling author Laura Bradford.

Emma Westlake, proprietor of A Friend for Hire, finds a heart-wrenching email from a prospective client in her inbox. The email is from Kim Felder, a woman struggling with empty-nest syndrome and an out of left field divorce. Emma is determined to help get this woman in a better headspace. She suggests that Kim draft a bucket list of things she has always wanted to do in life but has not because of the time she has devoted to being the best mom and wife she could be. 

Together, they fill that list (baking classes, traveling, dancing in the middle of the street for no reason) with Kim adding in some hilarious items about getting even with her ex. All laughter ends though, when Kim's ex winds up dead via one of the “funny” ideas Kim proposed. Now, Kim is the lone suspect in the murder with Emma the only person who can prove otherwise.

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